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I want to tackle the retirement and protection needs of individuals. This website content is intended for use by Financial Professionals.


I want to tackle the retirement and protection needs of individuals. This website content is intended for use by Financial Professionals.

Insights & Education

Financial Action Stories

In this candid interview series, we speak with a diverse group of people about the reality of saving for the future and retirement.

Tamara, a 37-year-old teacher

Tamara, a high-school economics and personal finance teacher in Detroit, shares her smart money moves she’s made (she owns three properties!), what she would do differently (diversification), and tips for Gen Z (monetize hobbies!). Learn more about her story, including lessons from her dad.

Ebony, a 37-year-old nurse practitioner

Ebony, a nurse practitioner from Texas, is refocusing on the future and shares how she’s planning to save enough for retirement one day, the best thing she thinks she’s done with her money so far, and the one thing she wishes she’d done differently.

Soojin, a 47-year-old pharmacist

Soojin, a pharmacist and mother of two kids in college, shares how she’d like to shift her financial goals in the present, the surprising place she and her husband are getting financial advice from, and where she sees herself in the future.

Jessica, a 47-year-old nurse

Jessica, a nurse from Wisconsin, has big travel goals and an eye for real estate. Jessica discusses her biggest financial mentors, some of her short-term financial goals, and how her retirement objectives factor into her daily living.

Aneise, a 22-year-old, part-time pharmacy technician from Houston

Aneise, a recent college graduate, is working part-time at a pharmacy while also focusing on studying for the MCATs. Aneise discusses the challenge of balancing spending and saving and finding ways to save for an active life.

Benjamin, a 38-year-old assistant professor

Benjamin, an assistant professor at a local university, has thought quite a bit about his long-term goals and retirement but still feels like he has a lot of catching up to do. Learn how Benjamin is educating himself and where he is saving for his future.

Denzel, a 36-year-old assistant director of academic support at a university

Denzel works at a state university and has big travel plans. Losing his parents a few years ago was the impetus for working with a financial planner, but Denzel has been focused on financial priorities like paying down debts for a while now. Denzel talks about how he’s currently saving for an early retirement and whether he thinks that could actually happen.

Anne, a 61-year-old executive benefits consultant

Anne, a retired executive director of benefits at a university, is developing an employee benefits consultant firm. Anne and her husband don’t know what the future holds, and whether retirement is in it at all for Anne. What they do know is that they love where they live and plan to stay.

Guy, a 53-year-old professor

Guy, a professor living in Chicago, plans on retiring somewhere other than where they are currently living. Learn more about how Guy is currently saving, and what he hopes to have happen in the future.

Max, a 31-year-old director of nursing from Florida

Max, a director of nursing for a healthcare company, recently graduated with his Master of Business Administration. The birth of his son has Max focusing on short-term needs despite taking his long-term goals seriously for years now. Max shares the most important thing he is doing to reach his dream retirement and who he is taking advice from to help him get there.

Meet the Retired

Janine, a retired judge

Janine is retired and lives in Hayward, California. Here, she shares smart money moves (like keeping a mug with a compound interest chart printed on it) and mistakes-in-hiding she’s made along the way. She also shares what she would tell her younger self and what she would suggest to those preparing for retirement.

Candice, a retired accountant

Candice is a former self-employed accountant who has retired to San Diego, California. Here, she reflects on the impact of Covid, how stress is different in retirement, and the importance of having a plan.

Arthur, a retired IT director

Arthur is a former law firm IT director who has retired to Englewood, Florida. Here, he reflects on what he wishes he’d done differently while he was still working and how a couple smart money moves helped him and his wife better prepare for life in retirement.

Carla, a retired sales representative and firefighter

Carla is a retired sales representative/firefighter who now lives in St. Petersburg, Florida. Here, she shares what she wishes she’d done differently leading up to retirement, some of the surprises along the way, and how important it is to pay attention to your health.

Elisa, a retired psychology professor

Elisa is a former university professor who has retired to Edwardsville, Illinois. Here, she shares her insight on preparing for retirement, strategies for reducing financial stress, and how she stays busy without a full-time job.

Nick, a retired parking officer, restaurant manager and salesperson

Nick is retired from a multi-profession career and now lives in Salem, Oregon. Here, he reflects on how Covid impacted his work life, the importance of smiling, and why having a plan for physical and financial fitness is an important part of preparing for retirement.


These interviews are published for educational use only, and are not intended to provide financial, legal, fiduciary, accounting, or tax advice, nor are they intended to make any investment or insurance recommendations. Experiences presented may not be representative of the experiences of other individuals and there is no guarantee of similar results or success. Please consult with the appropriate legal, financial, or tax professional regarding your own financial situation and investment needs and objectives.


Financial Action Stories: At the time of these interviews, the individuals interviewed were not clients, shareholders, or employees of Corebridge Financial, and no direct or indirect compensation was provided in return for such interviews. The interviews have been modified for content.


Meet the Retired: These interviews have been provided anonymously, and no direct or indirect compensation was provided in return for such interviews. The interviews have been modified for content. Names and images are for illustrative purposes only.