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A powerful option to retirement

Designed for those seeking to build more assets and to protect their income for life.

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Whether you're tracking your variable annuity investments or exploring new options, you can easily access the most current performance.

Annuity education guide

Learn more about the benefits of annuities and how they can help you plan for a more secure financial future.

Leverage the power of daily step-ups

See how a Polaris Variable Annuity with Polaris Income Plus Daily Flex© can help you lock in potential investment gains daily for future income.

Important Information

Annuities are long-term insurance products designed for retirement. Earnings are taxed as income upon withdrawal. Early withdrawals may be subject to withdrawal charges. Partial withdrawals may reduce benefits available under the contract as well as the amount available upon a full surrender.

Withdrawals of taxable amounts are subject to ordinary income tax and, if taken prior to age 59½, an additional 10% federal tax may apply. If you fund your IRA with an annuity, you should realize that these types of retirement accounts are already tax-deferred. An annuity provides no additional tax deferred benefit beyond that provided by the retirement account itself. You should only use an annuity in a retirement account if you want to benefit from features other than tax deferral. Please consult with your financial professional and tax advisor regarding your individual situation. 


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