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Variable Annuities

Help grow income daily

See how to lock in potential investment gains daily and protect your income for life with a Polaris® Variable Annuity and its Polaris Income Plus Daily Flex® optional lifetime income feature.


Prepare for opportunities ahead

Combine lifetime income with the potential for daily income step-ups

A Polaris Variable Annuity with Polaris Income Plus Daily Flex offers you the potential to:

  • Lock in investment gains each day for future income when you retire
  • Ensure that your retirement income will rise every year that you defer income
  • Guarantee your income for life
  • Grow your investments with as many as 12 different asset classes
  • Provide for your loved ones with a choice of beneficiary protection options

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Important Information

Polaris Variable Annuities are sold by prospectus only. The prospectus contains the  investment objectives, risks, fees, charges, expenses and other information regarding the contract and underlying funds, which should be considered carefully before investing. A prospectus may be obtained by calling 1-800-445-7862. Investors should read the prospectus carefully before investing.

Variable annuities are a long-term investment designed for retirement purposes. Variable annuities are subject to investment risk, including the potential loss of principal. In the accumulation phase, they can help you build assets on a tax-deferred basis. In the income phase, they can provide you with guaranteed income through standard or optional features. Variable annuities are subject to costs that include a separate account fee, a contract maintenance fee, expenses related to the operation of the variable portfolios, and the costs associated with any optional features elected.

Income protection features are optional and available at contract issue for an additional annual fee. Age restrictions, investment requirements and limitations apply. Depending upon the performance of the investment and income needs, you may not need to rely on the protection provided by an optional income protection feature. Additional income protection features may be available. Only one income option feature may be elected. To realize the benefits of an income protection feature, you must take withdrawals within the parameters of the feature.

Early withdrawals may be subject to withdrawal charges. Partial withdrawals may reduce benefits available under the contract as well as the amount available upon a full surrender. Withdrawals of taxable amounts are subject to ordinary income tax, and if taken prior to age 59½, an additional 10% federal tax may apply.

An initial Purchase Payment is the money you give us to purchase a contract. Any additional money you give us to invest in the contract after purchase is a subsequent Purchase Payment. You are not required to make any subsequent Purchase Payments. The following contains the minimum dollar amount for the initial Purchase Payment and each subsequent Purchase Payment:

For Qualified Contracts, Minimum Initial Purchase Payment is $4,000; Minimum Subsequent Purchase Payment is $500; Minimum Automatic Subsequent Purchase Payment is $100. For Non-Qualified Contracts, Minimum Initial Purchase Payment is $10,000; Minimum Subsequent Purchase Payment is $500; Minimum Automatic Subsequent Purchase Payment is $100. If you purchase your contract through certain broker-dealers, the minimum initial Purchase Payment may be higher than the amounts shown. These amounts depend upon whether a contract is qualified or non-qualified for tax purposes.

Policy form numbers: 

AGL: AG-803 (7/13)

US Life: US-803 (5/17)

VALIC: V-803 (11/14)


M6395VAD (9/22)

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