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Institutional Markets

Pension risk transfer

Over 35 years as a respected leader in pension risk transfer (PRT), we offer defined benefit plan sponsors customized Single Premium Group Annuity “de-risking” products with full, in-house benefit administration services.

Mitigate pension liabilities with de-risking solutions

Buy-out de-risking structures

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  • Plan termination (“close-out”) covering retirees and deferred participants in qualified employer sponsored pension plans, including account / cash-balance type plans with unique or complex provisions, and benefit services.
  • Settlement ("lift-out) of partial benefit liabilities for either or both retirees and deferred participants.

Buy-in de-risking structures

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  • Retirees Only or Retirees + Deferred participants, with the optionality and ability to complete a future plan decision to convert the buy-in to a buy-out structure, typically upon plan termination.
  • Predetermined conversions to buy-out

About our business

Our insurers institutionally-price and design bespoke group annuity contract (“GAC”) solutions to specifically address the needs of plan sponsors who decide to partially de-risk or completely exit defined benefit pension plan liability by transferring accrued benefit liabilities and administrative responsibilities to our life insurance companies.  GACs provide a guaranteed, fixed immediate or deferred annuity for each plan member and include seamless transition to our participant benefit administration services.

Our team includes more than 60 professionals dedicated exclusively  to pension risk transfer underwriting and contract services.  Dedicated solely  to pension risk transfer consultants, plan sponsors and participants, we serve more than 200,000 annuity customers from a variety of plan types and industries.

Pension risk transfer products are insurance products issued by American General Life Insurance Company (AGL) except in New York, where issued by The United States Life Insurance Company in the City of New York (US Life).   AGL and US Life offer insurance products and services and are not pension plan consultants, advisors or plan fiduciaries as defined under applicable laws or regulations.

Benefits of Pension Risk Transfer

We offer clear, well-crafted and expertly underwritten group annuity contracts from $50 million to billions including guaranteed, separate account contracts, assets in kind transactions, and a proprietary and tested project onboarding experience built on decades of PRT experience.  Each plan is different and, consequently, each group annuity contract is unique and is based on detailed contract specifications, plan information and annuitant data.

  • Eliminates plan risks, including interest rate, investment, longevity, early retirement, and volatility.
  • Can reduce or eliminate plan expenses and end PBGC premiums, employer contributions, actuarial, consulting and investment management fees, and plan reporting and administration costs.
  • Single premium GAC covers all expenses—no recurring contract fees.
  • Includes full-service, in-house pension benefit administration and participant services
  • Includes tax reporting, annuity calculations and benefit commencement forms for deferred annuitants

We're here to help

Employer/Consultant contact:

Richard S. Weiss, VP, Institutional Markets, Pensions


Telephone: (908) 334-4631

Plan Participant contact:


Telephone: (800) 842-3068

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