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Plan Sponsor toolkit

National Financial Capability Month 
April 2024

Raise awareness of the importance of financial education to help employees make smarter financial decisions for their future. This year’s campaign encourages them to:

  • Assess their current financial situation and gain resources to take action now.
  • Visualize how inflation could impact their savings now and in the future.
  • Use a variety of valuable educational resources to support a more secure financial future. 

Common financial insecurities your employees might face

Why employees need to take action!

A recent survey* finds that a lot of Americans lack the financial know-how to make informed decisions about their future. Let’s work together to encourage your employees to take action now … it matters.

55% of Americans don’t think their retirement savings are on track

Only 57% of American adults are financially literate

63% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck

Americans lose an average of $1,819 annually due to financial illiteracy

Despite working full-time, 35% of American families still can’t afford rent, food, transportation, medical care, and minimal household expenses

73% of American adults rank finances as their primary stressor

* Source: 20+ Compelling financial literacy statistics [2023],, August 16, 2023.

Announcement email 

Introduces National Financial Capability Month and encourages employees to take action now by evaluating their current financial situation and using resources to make informed decisions about their future.

Promote it

Download any of the banners or flyers for use on your intranet site or website to encourage employees to take action for their future … it matters

Financial Assessment Survey

Share this survey with employees to help them gauge their financial capabilities and discover how to better prepare for the future they envision.

Download the digital banner to encourage employees to take the Financial Assessment Survey.

Factor in your future Infographic

Show employees why taking action now maters with the cost-of-living infographic. This illustration shows how inflation could affect prices over the next few decades.

Download the digital banner to encourage employees to check out the Factor in your future Infographic.

Saving Center

Share the Corebridge Saving Center with employees to give them access to resources that could help them create and reach their savings goals.

Download the digital banner to encourage employees to visit the resources available in the Corebridge Saving Center.

National Webinar Series

The Financial Wellness Webinar Series offers valuable insights on key financial topics to help employees improve their financial smarts and make more informed decisions about their money.

  • Includes live webinars every month along with on-demand webinars that can be viewed at any time.
  • Topics range from retirement planning to money management, insurance, taxes and other specialty topics.
  • Banner links to the webinar registration page where employees can reserve their spot.

FutureFIT University

FutureFIT University offers short, interactive learning modules on a wide variety of financial topics. Employees have access to short modules (5-10 minutes each) to work on improving their financial savvy quickly and easily at their convenience.

  • The modules are organized into “playlists” on a topic area, including financial basics, buying a home, paying for college and planning for retirement.
  • Topics also target small businesses and financial caregivers.
  • Banner links employees to FutureFIT University.


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