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I want to tackle the retirement and protection needs of individuals.

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I want to tackle the retirement and protection needs of individuals. This website content is intended for use by Financial Professionals.

Guided Portfolio Services®

Let expert turn-by-turn advice guide your employees’ investment strategies.

Our advisory services solution, Guided Portfolio Services® (GPS) can help answer key questions your employees may have about investing and planning for a secure retirement.

Personal planning

A few quick questions can inform a long-term investment strategy fit for your employees needs.

Expert advice

Morningstar LLC provides objective investment advice aligned to your employees’ goals.

Guided process

Account oversight can help keep your employees on track.

You decide how you want your money managed.

GPS offers two approaches to help your employees achieve their retirement goals. Both approaches deliver objective investment advice, including how much to save, which investment to choose, and how much to invest in each.

DIY with expert advice

Portfolio Advisor 

The option for those who want to monitor and manage their investment portfolios themselves, but still value some expert advice along the way. There is no charge for this service.

Do it for me

Portfolio Manager 

The fully managed account option that automatically implements the investment advice, provides ongoing portfolio monitoring and asset rebalancing and updates advice and retirement income forecast annually. There is a fee for this service.


Check out the comparison chart to see the differences


Service ComparisonPortfolio AdvisorPortfolio Manager
Forecast of annual retirement income based on participant’s unique financial circumstancescheck markcheck mark
Comprehensive portfolio construction, including asset allocation and investment selectioncheck markcheck mark
Monitoring of investment option lineupcheck markcheck mark
Ongoing portfolio optimizationcheck markcheck mark
Recommended savings rate and retirement agecheck markcheck mark
Access to services via telephone and internetcheck markcheck mark
Access to services via financial professional check mark
Automatic implementation of the investment advice check mark
Ongoing portfolio monitoring and asset rebalancing check mark
Quarterly advice statement check mark
Automatic annual review and update of retirement income projections and advice check mark

Let’s Connect

Let’s connect about how GPS can help take the guesswork out of investing and get your employees on track for retirement. 


RO 2706904 (03/2023)