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Account Protection Responsibility

In the event assets are taken from your employer-sponsored account(s) through unauthorized access and through no fault of your own, Corebridge Retirement Services will restore the value of your account(s).

While we’re focused on doing our part to protect you and keep your account secure, you are also responsible for taking appropriate steps to protect your account(s).  Our responsibility is subject to you acting on the following:

Opting in for Personal Deliver-E can help you get faster and more secure access to your important documents, such as statements, prospectuses, regulatory reports and transaction confirmations.

Make sure to review your account regularly so you can ensure your information is up-to-date.

If you have any reason to suspect your account(s) may have been compromised, please call us immediately at 1.800.448.2542 or email us at

  • Use our multi-factor authentication option.
  • Use a unique, strong password—not the same password you use for any other accounts.
  • Update passwords and review your account(s) regularly.
  • Consider using a password manager tool to help create and securely store passwords.
  • Protect account numbers, user IDs and passwords—and avoid sharing them, even with close friends or family members.  Keep your security questions and answers private.
  • Update the software and operating systems for any devices you use to access your account(s)—including mobile phones, laptops and personal computers. Do this as regularly as possible, as upgrades become available.

Corebridge will restore your account for losses from unauthorized activity in your employer sponsored retirement account(s) record kept by Corebridge, occurring through no fault of your own, subject to these conditions:

  • If there’s any suspicion of unauthorized activity in your account(s), our team will work with you and may include law enforcement authorities to investigate what occurred, and your cooperation with our investigation is required.
  • We may require a signed sworn statement by you. 
  • Account reimbursement determinations will be made at our sole discretion upon the conclusion of our investigation.  

These conditions are subject to change and may be amended or terminated without notice.  

Scenarios that may not be covered are:  

  • Failure to reasonably protect your account number(s), user name, password, or security questions, including allowing access to that data or providing it to someone else, whether the person is unauthorized or authorized by you to perform transactions on your behalf.
  • Unauthorized activity due to negligence or fraud by you.
  • Losses resulting from the action or inaction of an employer/plan sponsor or other third party that has been authorized by you or your employer to access the account(s).
  • Any security issue from malware or a breach of security that affects the systems of any authorized parties (listed above).
  • Failure to notify us of unauthorized activity immediately.

We reserve the right to pursue legal remedies, including without limitation, notifying law enforcement regarding suspected illegal or other wrongdoing as we deem appropriate.

We are not liable for taxes, legal fees or indirect, consequential, lost opportunity costs or similar damages.