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Investment Solutions

Give your clients the specialized investment solutions they need to help employees take action in their financial lives.

Advisor Managed Accounts Service

Implement your own managed accounts approach with ease to help your clients’ participants take action.

Our approach – Advisor Managed Accounts is Morningstar Investment Management LLC’s service, giving you the ability to develop plan-specific investment portfolios for each of your clients. You’ll have access to Morningstar Investment Management's proprietary process and participant interface to deliver personalized retirement planning advice to plan participants, including investment recommendations, such as contributions, retirement age and portfolio assignment. Plus, plan participants can easily engage the program by simply logging into their account.

Plan participants will receive:

    • Retirement income gap analysis
    • Recommendation on how much to contribute and when to retire
    • Diversified investment portfolio 
    • Automatic account rebalancing
    • Personalized asset allocation strategy
    • Access to advice online or by phone

    This service, along with our suite of participant-focused programs, helps participants take action for their future.

    Advisor Managed Accounts is offered by Morningstar Investment Management LLC and is intended for citizens or legal residents of the United States or its territories. Morningstar Investment Management LLC, a registered investment adviser and subsidiary of Morningstar, Inc., is responsible for participant portfolio assignment from the portfolios created by the adviser and other recommendations made through the service. Investment advice delivered by Morningstar Investment Management is based on information provided and limited to the investment options available in the retirement plan. Morningstar Investment Management is not affiliated with Corebridge Financial or any of its subsidiaries.

    All investments involve risk, including the loss of principal. There can be no assurance that any financial strategy will be successful. Morningstar Investment Management does not guarantee that the results of their advice, recommendations or objectives of a strategy will be achieved.

    Guided Portfolio Services®

    An investment advisory service

    GPS offers participants objective investment advice and recommendations from independent experts.

    • Retirement income gap analysis 
    • Considers outside assets including your client’s pension 
    • Well-diversified investment portfolio 
    • Automatically regenerated annually 
    • Assets managed to investment advice* 
    • Access advice in person, online or by phone

    * This service is provided for a flat fee of 45 basis points for those who use the managed account feature via Portfolio Manager.

    Wealth forecasting

    Asset allocation

    Investment selection

    Asset management

    See how GPS can guide participants' investment strategies

    GuidedTarget Models

     From working life through retirement life: an investment strategy that changes with participants’ needs


    • Models can use a broader range of assets, including fixed accounts and non-core or alternative funds
    • Only includes funds which you are monitoring and pass your investment policy statement (IPS)
    • Generally lower overall fees than stand-alone target date funds 
    • Flexibility of glide path options

    Key features


    Retirement options are pre-selected based on desired retirement date; participants can modify as needed

    Adjusts to match target asset allocations


    Professionally allocated and managed with ongoing adjustments to each model


    Uses your carefully curated investment lineup to remain in-sync with your plan goals

    See how GuidedTarget Models can take the guesswork out of saving for retirement

    HealthSecure HRA®

    Tax-advantaged program that benefits employers and helps employees fund pre- and post-separation medical care expenses.

    Key program features

    • Turn-key program minimizes use of employer resources
    • Contributions, earnings and reimbursements are generally tax-free
    • Payroll tax savings of up to 7.65% on contributions
    • Account balances can carry over from year to year
    • Multiple plan designs available, including post-separation and/or in-service benefits (reimbursements), vesting and our executive “post-separation/premium-only” feature
    • Array of participant-directed investment fund options

    Employee benefits

    • Tax-free contributions, earnings and withdrawals for qualified medical care expense reimbursements 
    • Tax-free reimbursements cover employee, spouse and qualified dependents (state income taxes may apply in certain states) 
    • A means to prefund out-of-pocket family medical care costs, including post-employment medical insurance premiums 
    • Claims are easy to file, and payments are processed daily 
    • Payroll tax savings of up to 7.65% on contributions 
    • Unused balances are available for continued use by spouse, and qualified dependents after participant’s death

    Employer benefits

    • Employer contributions fund the plan, and employer can set claim-eligibility requirements 
    • With some limitations, plans can be structured to benefit key employees 
    • Defined contributions to HealthSecure HRA can help reduce or eliminate reportable long-term OPEB liabilities under GASB 75 
    • Replace defined benefit retiree medical plans with a defined contributions HealthSecure HRA program 
    • No limitations on amount of contributions made on behalf of employees 
    • May assist in collective bargaining (such as substituting in-service contributions for salary increases), providing a new, tax-free benefit for employees

    Target Date CITs

    Corebridge with State Street Target Date Series offer a cost-effective and competitive alternative to mutual funds for our 457(b) defined contribution plans.

    Proven glide path

    • Designed to effectively address key retirement risks faced by participants
    • State Street's target date fund management process has delivered strong historical performance and lower risk relative to peers (past performance is not indicative of future results)
    • Glide path construction management follows graduated "through retirement glide path"

    Strong building blocks

    • Investment strategy pairs stability of Fixed Account from Corebridge with index funds
    • For growth potential the portfolio uses State Street's U.S. and non-U.S. index equity funds
    • For preservation of capital the portfolio adjusts toward an emphasis on State Street's passive fixed income funds along with the stability and guaranteed income generated through the Fixed Account from Corebridge

    Lower cost plan solution

    • Meet today's investor needs with a target date option that may reduce plan and participant costs
    •  By leveraging low fee indexing approach to underlying investment funds, Corebridge with State Street Target Date Series makes it possible for plan sponsors to offer a competitive investment approach for plan participants.

    See how Target Date CITs can help participants take action for their tomorrows

    VALIC Fund Fact Sheets

    Our fact sheets provide insights on key VALIC Company fund offerings and include overviews, investment objectives, portfolio highlights and historical performance. These useful tools can be downloaded and reviewed with your plan sponsor clients to promote a broader range of retirement plan offerings. 

    VALIC Growth Fund
    VALIC International Growth Fund
    VALIC International Socially Responsible Fund
    VALIC Mid Cap Strategic Growth Fund
    VALIC Systematic Core Fund
    VALIC U.S. Socially Responsible Fund

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