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Let’s help plan for a secure financial future for you and your employees

At Corebridge Financial,  we believe everyone deserves financial security. Every day, we work hard to make it possible for more people to take action in their financial lives—because action is the bridge from planning to outcomes, from today’s financial needs to tomorrow’s aspirations.

Discover how to improve overall plan health and individual employee outcomes with smart tech, personalized support and elevated experiences. 

Manage your plan with better tech

SponsorFIT® is your one-stop shop for everything plan administration. It is an administration experience that uses in-depth insights for improved plan health. Our portal includes robust reporting, plan health dashboard and functional features to make it easy for you to stay focused on what’s really important—your employees.  

Promote financial wellness

Connect your employees with a custom plan for their financial wellness with the FutureFIT Wellness Check. It's easy. They spend about five minutes answering a few questions. Then, we connect them with the right resources and programs. They spend no time searching for information – they are pointed directly to what they need.

Let mobile enrollment guide your employees

Help your employees find their financial footing with digital experiences designed to help them get started—and keep going toward their future.

Get to know Retirement Pathfinder®

Make long-term planning simple with a smart solution. Designed to put your employees on a path to success, Retirement Pathfinder® is a self-directed planning tool that helps them discover retirement on their own terms.

Data makes a difference

Your data tells a story. Use it to help you write the next chapter in your plan and your employees' future.

Keep your data safe

The more you know the better prepared you can be to protect and defend you and your employees from cyber and fraud attempts. Understand the protections we put in place and the options available for your employees to help stop cyber crime in its tracks.