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Plan Sponsor Toolkit

National Retirement Security Month October 2023


Help employees at every career stage take the next step toward a more secure financial future. These ready-to-use resources can help inspire them to act now as they:

  • Learn the simple steps they can take to support financial security throughout their working years and into retirement.
  • Discover the truth behind common myths that may be holding them back from taking action.
  • Take advantage of the planning tools, resources and personal assistance that are available to them as a plan participant.


Announcement email

Introduces National Retirement Security Month and encourages employees to find out what steps they can take now to help build a stronger financial future.


Career stage guide to a more secure future

National Retirement Security Month reminds employees how important it is to save for retirement and prioritize financial security. With our career stage resources and action steps, they can choose their next best step.

Download the digital banner for use on your intranet or website to encourage employees to visit the National Retirement Security Month resource center.


Video promotion

  • Action is everything when it comes to saving for a secure retirement. And it just takes one small step for employees to make progress toward their goals. Our “Just One Action” video can help inspire them to get moving.
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The FutureFIT® Financial Wellness Webinar Series offers valuable insights on key financial topics to help employees improve their financial smarts and make more informed decisions about their money.

  • Includes live webinars every month along with on-demand webinars that can be viewed at any time.
  • Topics range from retirement planning to money management, insurance, taxes and other relevant topics.
  • Use the banner on your intranet site or newsletter. It links to the webinar registration page where employees can reserve their spot


FutureFIT® University

FutureFIT University offers short, interactive learning modules on a wide array of financial topics. At only 5-10 minutes each, employees can improve their financial savvy quickly and easily at their convenience.

  • Short modules are organized into “playlists” on a topic area, including financial basics, buying a home, paying for college and planning for retirement.
  • Topics also target small business and financial caregivers.
  • Use the banner on your intranet site or newsletter. It links to FutureFIT University.


Social Media Engagement

Use the following posts on your social media channels to promote National Retirement Security Month with your employees.


Knowledge drives action

Browse our selection of insights on steps your employees can take for greater financial security throughout their lives.

How to set financial goals

Without setting clear financial goals, some people are likely to spend their lives aimlessly earning and spending rather than building wealth.

How much per paycheck will go toward your retirement?

It can be hard to know what you should be saving. We do the math for you so you can decide how much of your pay you can afford to set aside for later.

The best times to up your retirement contributions

When a little extra money comes your way, it’s easy to spend it. But consider these opportunities to put more in your retirement account.

Planning and paying for healthcare in retirement

All too often, healthcare costs get missed when planning for retirement. Here are some key things to know when saving for your future.

How big of a threat does inflation pose to your retirement?

Even moderate inflation can affect how far your savings will go when you retire. Find out what you can do to prepare.

3 reasons to have a budget

Keeping track of the money you earn, the money you spend and the money you save is critical to your financial health now and later.


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