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Offer in-plan lifetime income to your employees.

Turn dreams into realities with access to a guaranteed income stream directly from your retirement plan.

The time to offer lifetime income as a part of your retirement plan has finally arrived.

Thanks to shifts in the industry, it is easier than ever to give your employees the financial security and confidence they are looking for—right from your plan. As one of the largest providers of lifetime income solutions in the industry, we can help you put the future in focus.

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It's a new day

Learn why the new retirement planning landscape has opened doors for in-plan lifetime income.

Action is everything

Get to know the three key components of our solution that can help employees take action.

Make an impact

Understand how our in-plan lifetime income solution can help your employees bridge the gap from "What do I need" to "Let's do it."

Offer more for your employees' tomorrows

Your benefits package is an essential part of your compensation program. By providing leading-edge solutions that help employees live better lives, you’re creating outcomes that can serve your organization for years to come.

Confidence for a more secure future

In-plan lifetime income can help fill the income gap left by Social Security and disappearing pension benefits. 

Convenience that makes planning simpler

Direct access to lifetime income within your plan can help employees easily choose the right path forward—all in one place.

Customization and seamless integration for you

Select features and options that work best for your plan and workforce.

Schedule A Meeting

Experience how our approach to in-plan lifetime income can tie your plan and your employees' future together.

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