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Time for a financial planning check-up

Are you heading in the right direction? Let’s find out.

Life is full of surprises. We’re all witnessing that first-hand these days. Something that may not have been in your plans a few years ago, or maybe even a few months ago, might now be a top priority. Life can throw curveballs that alter your original plans, but making sure you’re on track to reach your future financial goals could help make those transitions a little less surprising.

It’s like visiting a doctor annually to make sure your body is healthy. Your financial health could also use a check-up every year, just to make sure you’re still on your way to becoming FutureFIT®.

Maybe you’ve received a promotion, or benefitted from new legislation and regulations and increased your retirement plan contributions. Maybe your marital status has changed, or you bought a new home. A lot can happen in a year.

Even if you haven’t recently experienced any major life changes, reviewing your financial plan could help ensure you’re still heading in the right direction.

Scheduling a plan review with your financial professional gives you a chance to:

  • Plan for long-term savings
  • Assess emergency savings
  • Review your investments
  • Consider rebalancing your portfolio
  • Plan for taxes on investments
  • Explore other guaranteed income stream sources
  • Evaluate estate plans

Your financial professional can provide you with information to help you decide on a course of action to close any gaps in your financial preparation for the future.

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