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Answers to questions about our enhanced security measures

To help you better understand our enhanced security process, we’ve put together answers to some frequently asked questions. These improved security measures are designed to continue keeping your account safe in our evolving digital environment.


Frequently Asked Questions

As technology continues to advance, we also continue to invest in more powerful security you can count on. We’ll keep monitoring and inspecting our digital safety measures to ensure they stay ahead of the curve. We are strengthening our requirements around security questions, password requests and recognizing any changes in the way you interact with our digital experience.

Our registration process has also been enhanced with greater security. When setting up your account, you’ll be prompted to verify your identity using your email address, phone number and security questions.

The next time you log in to your account, you may be asked to validate your email address and phone number. Future logins may also periodically ask for account validation. If you ever receive a notification that you did not expect, contact our Client Care Center at 1.800.448.2542.

We’re asking you to validate your email address or phone number to make sure we send the validation code to the correct person.

You will be asked to validate both your email address and phone number, so separate validation codes will be sent to each.

You have the option to receive the validation code from a phone call or through a text message. Just make sure you click the “Send me my code via text” box during the phone validation process to receive the validation code through text message if that is your preferred delivery method. Standard messaging rates may apply.

Yes, this is the multi-part of multi-factor authentication. The added validation is just an extra layer of security to protect your information.

Easy, just click the link to resend another code. If that still doesn’t work, call 1.800.448.2542 and one of our representatives will assist you.

Yes, the validation code will expire if it is not used within a certain amount of time.

Because this is a multi-factor authentication process, we are asking you to verify your identity in more than one way. Filling out the security questions adds an extra layer of security to prevent your information from becoming compromised.

Yes. Part of our enhanced security measures includes strengthening the complexity of your security questions.

Yes. That was a temporary password. Now that you have an established account, we ask that you strengthen your password.

Your current username will remain valid, but you will need to create a new, secure password. We’ll give you some recommendations for creating an optimized password.

Once your account security is updated, you can easily recover your password using your account information by clicking Forgot Password on the login page. If you still need help, call 1.800.448.2542 and one of our representatives will assist you.

You will be instructed to call 1.800.448.2542 for assistance from one of our representatives.

If you receive a validation code to your email or phone number that you did not request, contact one of our representatives at 1.800.448.2542.