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By clicking on the "Statements" menu option, you can view your quarterly account statements, annual statements (if applicable), create a custom portfolio snapshot, tax statements (1099R) and transaction confirmation statements.  You will be able to view any of these statements if they apply to your account.

If you are receiving the paper version of these documents and would like to replace them with email notifications, click on the "email Delivery" link for more details.

  • Quarterly account statements provide a portfolio snapshot of all accounts, then details each account’s investments, contributions, withdrawals and performance.  If you have multiple accounts, all accounts will be listed on the same statement.  NOTE:  some groups require that a separate statement be provided with only that group’s information.  In this event, you will be provided a drop-down box and you will need to choose which statement you are requesting, -1, -2 etc.  Some statements may not reside in our system, and thus are unavailable for viewing. You will need to call the Client Care Center at 1.800.448.2542 and request the statement. 
  • Annual statements (if you are only receiving annual statements).
  • Create a Custom Portfolio Snapshot.  Select the beginning year and month and the ending year and month, then select the account(s) to include in the custom statement and select “Next.” Access can be requested for any time frame between 2009 and the current date.
  • GPS statements (if you are enrolled).  Guided Portfolio Services (GPS) is a fee-based program with two approaches to helping you achieve your retirement goals.  GPS delivers objective advice from independent financial experts, including how much to save, which investments to choose, and how much to invest in each. Only Portfolio Manager will manage your retirement plan assets for you.  For additional information contact your financial professional.
  • Tax statements (1099R).  Note:  A tax statement will be provided only if a distribution has been taken in the year requested, e.g., a cash distribution, minimum distribution, systematic withdrawal, surrender of account, hardship or loan default.         
  • Transaction confirmation statements for the current and previous month are available online.  Any financial transaction that has occurred on an account during the past two months is available for viewing and printing online.  If a confirmation statement is required for another time period, call the Client Care Center at 1.800.448.2542 M-F from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Central time. 

Note:  If your statement does not appear, please follow instructions from one of the sections below

Popup Blockers blocking the page from being displayed. Disable pop ups – consult your browser help to locate where the settings to disable pop ups is located.  NOTE:  different browsers may have more than one location where pop ups will need to be disabled.

Adobe Acrobat® Reader is required to view confirmation statements. If you do not already have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer, click on the link "Get Acrobat Reader" or on the link below to download and install the appropriate version.   

Delete the cache/temporary files – consult your browser help for instructions on how to delete the cache/temporary files.  

Add Corebridge Retirement Services as a trusted site (this enables your browser to accept cookies and recognize Corebridge as a trusted site).  The URL to add is – consult your browser help to locate how to add Corebridge as a trusted site.

If you have a Mac and you are attempting to download statements and the statements are displayed in Cyrillic characters, you may need to clear all your font cache files and restart your Mac. Mac’s default PDF viewer called “Preview” and Corebridge do not support "Preview.  Make sure that you are using Adobe Reader.  

For assistance with accessing statements, contact the Client Care Center at 1.800.448.2542.