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Pending Transactions

The Pending Transactions display screen is used to review and/or cancel transaction requests that have been successfully completed but not yet processed through the Corebridge Retirement Services's recordkeeping system. When a financial transaction has been requested it will be displayed in the Pending Transactions page until 3:00 p.m. CT (when the NY Stock Exchange closes). Financial transactions that have been requested for all accounts will be displayed.  Review all information provided for the transaction request(s) in question. If you still want Corebridge to process the transaction request(s) described, you may navigate out of the Pending Transactions screen by clicking any of the links to navigate to another page or log out of Online Account access. 

  • If you would like to cancel or remove one or more transaction request(s) listed, click the  "Remove All" box above the transaction table;  or if multiple transactions are listed and you only want to delete one, , click the "Remove" box next to the account number. Once all transactions are reviewed and the "Remove All" or "Remove" box is checked, click "Next". 
  • You will now be presented with the Review Removal screen. Carefully review this screen to verify the transaction cancellation request. To proceed with the removal request, click "Submit". 
  • The "Confirmation Removal" page will be displayed with a confirmation number of the removal request for your records. 
  • To print the Pending Transactions confirmation page, change your print settings to "Landscape" so all information will fit on the page.

NOTE: Allocation Change Requests do not appear on the Pending Transactions screen. If you wish to revise a previous Allocation Change Request, go to the “Allocation Change” link and enter a new request, the future allocation of new money into an account will be changed.