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Fund Performance

Annuity Accounts 

  • My Funds – displays the fund number, fund name (hyperlink that will display the fund fact sheet in a new browser window), and shows fund performance by year-to-date, and the most recent 1-, 2-, 3-, 5- and10 year period, and since the fund’s inception.
  • All Funds – displays all funds that are offered by the group for the specific product.   You can have “Non-Standard Returns” and “Standard Returns” displayed by clicking on the drop-down menu.  In addition, click on the “view custom report for “Standard Returns”/”Non-Standard Returns” for a PDF that can be saved or printed for your records. 

    Product-specific performance information for Non-Standard Returns are calculated according to your contract's separate account fees, but do not include maintenance fees and surrender charges. Additionally, the "since inception" return is based upon the actual fund inception date rather than the date the fund became a part of the annuity product. Standard Returns reflect deductions of account maintenance and surrender charges. 

    Note:  Year-to-date is calculated by the application on a daily basis – The Current unit values and the 12/31/2011 Unit Value for each fund.