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Am I on Target/Nearing Retirement

Client Information – For a more personalized result, enter your and your spouse/partner’s personal information.

  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • Current Annual Income
  • Desired Annual Retirement Income
  • Desired Retirement Age

Select “Continue” to proceed to the “Social Security/Pension/Other screen or select “Calculate Results” 

Social Security/Pension/Other –

  • For both you and your spouse/partner, enter whether you want to include Social Security information in the calculation.  Indicate if you want Corebridge Retirement Services to estimate or if you want to estimate your Social Security income and at what age you want the payments to begin.
  • Enter defined-benefit & pension information for your and your spouse/partner. 

Click “Continue” to review and update your portfolio.  You can use the “Linked Outside Retirement Assets” to link accounts that are located outside of Corebridge Retirement Services and link the totals to your Corebridge Retirement Services  account so you can see the total of your Financial Portfolio in one location.  Once completed, select the “Calculate Results” button for a forecast based on the information you entered.