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Asset Transfer Request

Asset Transfer – “From” 

Requesting a Transfer of Value (TOV) on Online Account access is easy.  During your request to change existing fund balances within your account, you will be presented with multiple screens.  In certain instances, you may now apply a TOV request to more than one account. 

  • The first screen, Asset Transfer –Transfer “from”, which is used to input your transaction request. 

Important Note: Before requesting a transfer in an account you should note that assets invested in the Fixed Account Plus fund may be subject to restricted availability. Typically, during each contract year (the period of 12 months beginning on the Effective Date or beginning with any anniversary thereof) you may transfer up to 20% of the accumulated account value of Fixed Account Plus to other investment options. Refer to your contract or call 1-800-448-2542 for more details.  

Initiating Asset Transfers Between Funds Request   

To Initiate a TOV within your account, follow these easy steps: 

Select your desired transfer frequency 

  • The allowable frequencies include one-time, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and annually.
  • The default frequency is "one-time." If you are requesting a TOV on multiple accounts, the only frequency allowed is “one time.”
  • You may change the default frequency by selecting a different transfer frequency from the pull-down menu.  If you have selected a transfer frequency other than "One-time," enter the desired effective date of your last transfer.
  • If the desired date falls on a weekend or holiday, then the actual effective date will be the next open stock market day. If you would like this transfer to continue indefinitely, leave this field blank.

Important Note: If a transaction set up to process systematically (more than one-time) fails to process forward due to account restrictions, the entire transaction will be suspended. Corebridge Retirement Services is not responsible for any corrective activity; i.e., processing backdated transactions to the account.   

Select The Desired Transfer Method

  • If you would like to transfer a dollar amount out of one or more funds, you can elect to allocate this dollar amount to one or more other funds by choosing either a dollar or a percentage basis.

Important Note: If you have other accounts and would like this transaction to be applied to them, your request must be entered in a percentage basis. To be eligible for a multiple account transfer of value, each account must have money available in the From fund(s) requested and the Fund(s) selected to transfer the money into.  

  • If you would like to transfer a percentage amount out of one or more funds, you must elect to allocate this percentage amount to one or more other funds using a percentage basis.
  • The default transfer method is "percent to percent."  
  • You may change the default method to "dollar to percent" by clicking the $ button in the "Transfer From Amount" column. 
  • You may change the default method to "dollar to dollar" by clicking the $ button in both the "Transfer From Amount" and "Transfer To Amount" columns.

Enter The Desired Transfer Amount Out

  • You should enter the amount you wish to transfer in the "Transfer From Amount" column for each fund you wish to take money from.  Your entry must be numeric only, do not include the "$" or "%" sign.  
  • You may transfer money out of multiple funds during a single transaction, subject to plan restrictions.
  • Only whole dollar or percentage amounts may be transferred.
  • The amount transferred from each fund must be equal to or less than the available amount shown in either the "Available Transfer Percent" or "Available Transfer Amount" columns.  
  • Due to employer, plan, or Corebridge restrictions, the available amount shown in either the "Available Transfer Percent" or the "Available Transfer Amount" columns may be less than the fund balances shown on the Account Detail screen. If you have questions concerning available transfer amounts, contact a Client Service Professional at 1.800.448.2542 or 1.800.248.2542 (TTY-accessible line).

Important Note: Your specific dollar amount transfer request may exceed your available transfer amount at the time of execution due to normal stock market fluctuation. To help assure correct processing of your requested dollar amounts, those exceeding 95% of the available transfer amount will be automatically converted to 100%. The other dollar amounts, if applicable, will be automatically converted to percentages and are normally rounded up to the next whole percentage point.   

Click “Next” to proceed to the next screen to select the funds to move the money to.