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Asset Rebalancing


Request Rebalancing is when you request that all of the money currently in one or more of your accounts be moved into a different mix of funds.  The request will not affect future allocations unless you check the box indicating that you would like your future contribution allocations to match the requested asset rebalance percentages. 

The request will be applied to the selected accounts at the plan level (if available). Note:  Prior to investing it is recommended that you read the fund fact sheet and prospectus for each fund that is being considered for investment.

  • The number of currently active funds will be displayed.

Rebalance frequency

  • The allowable frequencies include one-time, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and annually.
  • The default frequency is "One-time."
  • You may change the default frequency by selecting a different rebalance frequency from the pull-down menu.
  • If you have selected a rebalance frequency other than "One-time," enter the desired effective date of the first rebalance and select the desired effective date of the last rebalance.
  • If the desired date falls on a weekend or holiday, then the actual effective date will be the next stock market day.
  • If you would like for this rebalance to recur indefinitely, then you should leave this field blank. 
    Important Note: If a transaction set up to process systematically (more than one-time) fails to process forward due to account restrictions, the entire transaction will be suspended. Corebridge Retirement Services is not responsible for any corrective activity; i.e. processing backdated transactions to the account.

Available funds

  • A table displaying the available fund list will be displayed showing the fund number and/or ticker symbol, fund name (click on the hyperlink to be directed to the group page to access the groups page that allows you to access quick links where the fund list is located and you will be able to select to view and print the fund sheet, prospectus, annual report and semi-annual report. The fields where the percentage of your future contributions/premiums is located next to the fund. 
  • Note: Assets invested in the Fixed Account Plus fund may be subject to restricted availability. Typically, during each contract year (the period of 12 months commencing on the Effective Date or commencing with any anniversary thereof) you may transfer up to 20% of the accumulated account value of Fixed Account Plus to other investment options. Refer to your contract or call 1-800-448-2542 for more details. 

Asset Rebalance Percent 

  • Enter the desired percentage in the "Asset Rebalance Percent" column according to the manner in which you would like to distribute your available monies. Your entry must be numeric only -- do not include the "%" sign. Click the "Calculate" button to assure your total equals 100%. 

    Since asset rebalancing requests only affect existing fund balances, click on the indicated box if you would like to redirect future contribution allocations to reflect the amounts you enter in the Asset Rebalancing Request. If you wish to cancel an asset rebalance request, enter a new Request by clicking on Asset Rebalancing,. Each new Asset Rebalancing Request will replace the previous one or you can go to the “Pending Transactions” and request to remove the request 

    Click the "Submit" button after you have finished data input. You will now be presented with the Funds Acknowledgement screen.