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User Name

Your user name is used to log in to online account access.

The user name can be changed at any time. If the new user name entered is not available you will see a message instructing you to create a different user name.

User Name Requirements:

  • The user name must be at least 9 characters but no longer than 25,
  • Must start with a letter (a-z); numbers (0-9) can be used,
  • We recommend using special characters including the @ (commercial at sign), _ (underscore),  or . (period). NOTE: using any other special character will cause an error to display. 
  • Cannot include spaces or tabs,
  • Cannot be the same user name as an existing user,
  • Cannot be all numbers or special characters
  • Cannot begin with a number or a special character
  • User name is NOT CASE SENSITIVE.