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Am I On Target? /calculator/results

Your initial results are based on the basic information contained in your Corebridge Retirement Services accounts.  Results are presented in a simple gauge that restates your Desired Retirement Age and Desired Annual Retirement Income as well as your Forecasted Annual Retirement Income.  

Links are provided where you can

  • Update your “client information.’ Enter your personal information as well your spouse/partner’s information.
  • Update your Social Security, defined-benefit and pension information. Enter all of your and your spouse/partner’s outside defined-benefit and pension information as well as any other source of retirement income. 
  • Update your portfolio Update the information for your total portfolio so that a more comprehensive and personalized calculation can be forecast.   

The results are showing an “as of” date. By selecting the “Modify Your Profile Information,” located to the right of the “as of” date, you will be directed to screens where you can begin updating your information to get a complete and comprehensive calculation of your retirement target.  In addition, you can select the “refresh results” link to update the data since many account balances are updated daily. You should refresh this view each time you visit.  

Select the “Your Information Summary” down arrow to display a summary of all of the information that you have entered in the calculator. Click the pencil icon to update the information under the section.  

The: “Take the Next Steps” section offers suggestions to help in future planning. Use the links provided to assist in taking action. 

  • Contact your Financial Professional for Additional Help – a request will be submitted to your financial professional to contact you to discuss your portfolio
  • Modify Your Profile Information – will direct you to the “Client Information” page inside the calculator.
  • Increase Your Contribution–will submit a request to your financial professional to contact you to discuss your contributions.  NOTE:  If allowed by your group, you can change your contributions online by going the “Navigate to” menu under “Quick Links” on the Summary page.