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Plan Summary

By selecting the hyperlink of the plan type under the plan name/plan type, you will be directed to the Plan Summary screen which provides the following information:          

You will see all accounts that you have under an employer group or personal accounts under an account type, i.e., IRA, NQDA, 403(b), 401(k), etc. 

There are three tabs: “My Funds,” “Graphs” and "Beneficiary designation.”

  • "My Funds" tab will initially display and will show all of the funds you are currently invested in for all the accounts listed.  
  • By clicking on the name of the fund, you will see that the fund name is a link that will display the fund fact sheet in a new browser window (for annuity accounts).  For mutual fund accounts you will be provided your group’s page which has “Funds” on the Quick Links menu. There, you can access the list of all funds available under the plan.  Click the small button next to the fund for the requested information “F” for fund fact sheet.  The information will be downloaded and can be printed for your records.
  • Click the “price” field next to the fund name to display “Share Price Details.” This will display a table of share prices in the following increments: 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months.  
  • The "Graphs" tab will take you to a display of a pie graph with your total assets for the listed accounts under the plan.  The graph can be displayed by Investment Vehicle, Investment Type, Contribution Source and Quarter End Balances.  In addition, a table is displayed with the vehicle (fund) name, amount in that fund and the percentage of the plan value that the fund represents.         
  • The "Loan Summary" tab allows you to access additional details for any loans that are on any of the listed accounts.  By clicking on the plan link you will be directed to the “Loan summary” tab which shows loan information. You will see:
    • Loan number and the date the next payment is due.
    • Most recent information regarding the loan payment.
    • The payoff quote amount and the date for which the quote is valid.
    • Most recent payment information. 
      • Total amount of the payment 
      • The amount that was applied to the principal 
      • The amount that was applied to the interest 
      • The “payment posted” date is the quarterly payment date that the recent payment was posted to the account, not the date that the payment was received by Corebridge Retirement Services.  For the date that the most recent payment was received by Corebridge, call the Client Care Center. 
  • Amount of the next quarterly payment and the payment due date. 
  • The “Beneficiary designation” section will prompt you to select ‘My Beneficiaries’ to view or update your beneficiary preferences.
  • Links to perform the following financial transactions are located in the right navigation menu: “Transfer Assets,” “Change Allocations” (future contributions into the account), “Rebalance Assets (move all of the money in the selected accounts into different funds for different percentages, “Change allocation model” (if available by the group) and “Contribution Change” (if allowed by the employer group).