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My summary

My summary screen is the home page while you are logged in. It provides an overview of retirement savings information and links to individual accounts and administrative functions. 

My assets is a total of all your Corebridge Retirement Services account values. If you have chosen to link outside savings accounts, those totals are displayed as well. 

Personal performance
 offers a summarized overview of the personal performance of your Corebridge accounts. The values are calculated quarterly and represent performance for the previous calendar quarter, from the first of the year through the most recent calendar quarter, and a 12-month period ending with the most recent quarter.  

A rotating box highlights recent news, information and features you may be interested in. 

The individual accounts are organized into groupings represented by a blue rectangular bar. The accounts may be under a plan sponsored by your employer, or they may be your personal accounts such as your Individual Retirement Account (IRA). Below each blue bar you will see each account that belongs to that grouping along with the account number, account description and account total.  

The green box displayed within each blue bar grouping is a navigational button that will take you to a summary page of the employer sponsored plan or a summary page of your personal accounts where you will find additional details, such as how the funds are allocated, fund performance and beneficiary designations. 

Also within the blue bar is a drop-down ‘I want to…’ menu that provides quick links to frequently requested actions you may choose to initiate, such as:

  • Rebalance assets - This allows you to take the current account balance and reallocate it into the same or new funds at different percentage rates.
  • Change allocations - Here, you can change what percentage of future contributions you want to be placed in the same or different funds.
  • Transfer assets - This allows you to take money from one or more funds and move it to other funds offered in your account. NOTE: There may be restrictions or fees associated with an asset transfer. Please read the prospectus or contact your financial professional.
  • Change allocation model - If your employer allows, you will be able to select allocation models —a group of funds that the employer group has preselected to meet specific investment goals (aggressive, moderate, conservative) or allow only certain types of fund classes.
  • Model a loan - If allowed by your employer, you may be able to request a paperless loan by following the prompts online, at which time you will need to allow 7-10 days for your loan to process. If additional information is required, you may receive a prefilled form with instructions for approval signatures. If you have any questions or concerns, call the Client Care Center at 1.800.448.2542. 
  • Request a one-time distribution - Cash, Hardship and Unforeseeable Emergency Withdrawal distribution can be requested online (if allowed by your employer). If online distributions are not allowed, a form can be requested by either selecting the “Request a form” link or calling the Contact Center at 1.800.448.2542. Note: Additional requirements or restrictions may apply. A Customer Service Representative can provide the information.
  • Change my contribution - If your employer’s plan allows, you can make online contribution changes. If the option is not available, you may be directed to a screen where you can download and print a Salary Reduction form which will need to be filled out and provided to your payroll department; or you may be directed to your financial professional who will assist you in making contribution changes.
  • View pending transactions - View transactions that have not processed yet or transactions that are scheduled to be processed on a future date. An unprocessed pending transaction can be canceled from this screen. 
    - Any transaction that was requested prior to close of business, such as a transaction placed at 3:00 p.m. ET, will be displayed until after it is processed. 
    - Systematic/re-occurring transactions will be displayed. Note: Transactions that are requested after close of business will be displayed and have an effective date of the next business day. 
    - Click the “Remove” box on this page to cancel a transaction before it processes.
  • View fund performance - This provides you a complete view of your investment's overall performance in your retirement savings accounts.
  • View unit/share prices - The share price details page provides up to 12 months of historical prices viewable in a graph and table.
  • View interest rates - See what rates apply to new contributions and deposits or transfers from external sources into the fixed option.
  • Request a form - Download and print various forms. If the account is a mutual fund account you will be directed to the “ePrint” site to access your employer’s group site to obtain the forms. If your account is an annuity form, you will be required to follow the prompts and a prefilled form will be provided for you to download, print, obtain the required signatures and then you will need to submit to the address or fax listed on the form.
  • Enroll in eDelivery - You can choose to receive email notifications when your account statements, transaction confirmations and other related documents become available online.
  • Update address/phone number - Update your mailing address and contact information.
  • View/update beneficiaries - View the current beneficiaries for each account and make changes. 

Linking outside assets to "My summary" provides a convenient and easy way to view balances for all your accounts, Corebridge and non-Corebridge, in one location. This tool is available free of charge to assist you in managing all of your assets.  

The right navigation menu provides links to the following features: 

  • My profile - View and update your contact information such as your address, phone numbers or email address. You can also view and update your bank information, view and update information for your beneficiaries, configure your mobile profile, update your investment profile or manage your security profile.
  • Loan summary - View details on any outstanding loan.
  • Notifications - This option contains two sections: 
    - Client messages provides important information that may affect your account. 
    - Policy statement provides links to various policies, such as the Corebridge frequent trading policy.
  • Retirement Income Calculator - This tool allows you to input financial information about yourself and your spouse to enable you to plan for your financial future. The tool provides insight into what adjustments you may need to make to help reach your retirement goals.
  • Statements - You will be provided a menu of available statements to view and print. Available statements may include: 
    - Quarterly account statements provide a snapshot of your retirement savings accounts, as well as detailed investments and transactions. 
    - Annual statements provide the same information as the quarterly account statement, but are generally applicable to inactive accounts. 
    - Custom portfolio snapshot provides you the option to create a custom statement. You select the beginning and ending year and month and select the account(s) to include in your custom statement. 
    - Guided Portfolio statements (GPS) provide clients that have elected the service a summary of their progress toward their retirement goals. 
    - Tax statements include 1099s and/or W2s if a distribution was taken in the year requested. 
    - Transaction confirmation statements are available for financial transactions that occurred in the current or previous month.
  • Contact us - This view contains contact information to your financial professional as well as the Client Care Center. 

Click “My summary” on the top of any page to return to your “My summary” start page.  

Click “My VALIC” on the top of any page to return to  
The green logout button in the upper right-hand corner will log you out of your online retirement savings account.