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Investor Profile

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) requires that financial institutions maintain and confirm the accuracy of the information below on a periodic basis. This information is considered confidential and held in accordance with our privacy policy. 

Current Primary Occupation - Enter your current employment type. 

Investment Objective – Select Long Term Grown, Income or Safety of Principle.  For more detail on each option, contact your financial professional.

Investment Experience – Indicate if you are a new or inexperienced investor or one who is familiar with investing. 

Tax Bracket – Provide your tax bracket. 

Life Insurance – Indicate the range of life insurance you currently have. 

Annual Household Income – Provide your annual household income. 

Personal Net Worth (excluding primary dwelling) – Indicate the range of your personal net worth. 

Please review the information for accuracy.  If information is missing or needs to be updated, make the desired changes, then click Submit to save the Investor Profile information. 

By keeping the information updated, your financial professional will be better equipped to assist you in making the best investment decisions for your future.