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Frequently Asked Questions About Personal Performance

How is my performance calculated?

Corebridge Retirement Services calculates personal performance based on the investment performance of the funds, but also factors in the amount and timing of cash flows (including contributions, exchanges and withdrawals) in and out of your account. For additional information concerning the calculation of personal performance, call the Client Care Center at 1.800.448.2542.

Your VALIC Financial Advisor, Inc. (VFA) accounts and VALIC Polaris and Power Index accounts are NOT systematically included in these calculations.

Why is my personal performance different than the performance of the funds that I’m invested in?

Your personal performance calculation takes into account the amount and timing of your cash flows in your account.

How often is my personal performance calculated?

Corebridge calculates personal performance on a monthly basis and updates this site by the 15th business day of the new month.

My performance looks good. How do I continue to have my funds perform at the same level or higher?

Past performance does not guarantee future results. If you have questions concerning your personal performance, fund performance or asset allocation, you should contact your financial professional at 1.800.448.2542.

If I open an account midway through the month, how is my personal performance calculated?

Your personal performance is calculated from the date of your initial investment through the end of the current month. Initial investments are new contributions and/or the ending value of exchanges (including all flow and investment value change) into the account from another product.  

Is my personal performance number net or gross of fees?

The personal performance number is calculated based on your account balances and cash flows. Fees have been factored into the unit value and/or account balance calculations; therefore, the personal performance number is net of fees.