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Contribution change

If your plan sponsor allows online contribution changes, you may change the portion of your salary that will be contributed to your retirement savings plan using this feature.

You will be directed to the Contribution Change – Request screen. 

  • Current information will be displaying the method of your contributions. 
    Percentage or dollar
    Current Contribution

New Contribution:

  • A box will be available where you can enter the percentage or dollar amount (if available) of the new contribution percentage or amount.
  • A box will be available to check if you want to “Stop” your contributions.  Select “Continue” to review your selection.

Message will appear that advises that the change will be effective on the next available payroll date.

  • The “Salary Reduction or Deferred Compensation
    Agreement” will be displayed and you will need to check the box stating that “I consent to the Salary Reduction Agreement below:”
  • Print the agreement for your records by clicking the hyperlink.  Select “Continue”.

The Contribution Change Confirmation page will display advising that Corebridge Retirement Services has received your request and that it will be processed during the next available update period. 

  • Your selection will display showing the Source (i.e. pre tax) the amount or percentage of the contribution per pay period, the confirmation number and the date/time that the request was submitted.  This page can be printed for your records by clicking on the print friendly icon/link.

If online changes are allowed and you encounter problems using this feature, please call 1.800.448.2542, Monday - Friday, from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Central Time to speak with a Client Service Professional for assistance with your contribution change request.

If your plan sponsor does not allow online contribution changes, you will be presented with instructions to print a Salary Reduction/Deferred Compensation Agreement for completion and submission to your plan sponsor for processing; or, you will be presented with a link to click to have your financial professional contact you to assist you with your contribution change request.