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Allocation Change – Request

When you request changes to how future contributions are directed to the investments in your account, you will see three screens. The first screen, the Allocation Change Request screen, is used to input your transaction request. You will see the fund name, current contribution allocation, the section where you will enter the “Future Contribution Allocation (%) and the dollar amount currently in the fund.

  • Enter the desired percentage in the "Future Contribution Allocation" column according to how you would like to allocate future money. Your entry must be numeric only -- do not include the "%" sign.

    Note: If the allocations of all contribution sources to your account are consistent, the table provides the Current Contribution Allocation for your account. If the allocations are not consistent, the current allocation will not be provided. Please call a Client Service Professional at 1.800.448.2542 if you have any questions.

    Note: Assets invested in the Fixed Account Plus fund may be subject to restricted availability. Typically, during each contract year (the period of 12 months commencing on the Effective Date or commencing with any anniversary thereof) you may transfer up to 20% of the accumulated account value of Fixed Account Plus to other Corebridge Retirement Services investment options. Refer to your contract or call 1.800.448.2542 or 1.800.248.2542 (TTY-accessible line) for more details.

    Future Contribution Allocation amounts must be entered in whole percent amounts. You may allocate your contributions to as many funds as you wish, or as permitted under your plan.

    Click the "Calculate" button to assure your total equals 100%.
    After inputting your request, click the "Continue" button to proceed to the Review Allocation Change Request screen.