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Account Transactions

Transfer assets – allows for money to be transferred by either percentage or dollar amount from one fund to another within the account. Asset transfer requests will only change fund balances in the account, but will not affect how future contributions are invested.

Change allocations –
any future contributions that are received will be invested according to the selections made but will not change existing balances within the fund.

Rebalance assets – all of the money that is currently in an account can be reallocated into different funds within the account by entering new percentages, totaling 100% into the new funds. This request will not change how any future contributions are invested.

Change allocation model – Your plan may have pre-defined Asset Allocation Models available. If so, you may select one of the models and all new money contributed to this account will be automatically allocated according to the selected model.

Model a loan – If allowed and funds are available, you will be able to model a loan on your account.