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Account Information

Account Information

This screen provides information about individual accounts and the funds in which the account is invested.  You will be provided the name of the employer, the account number of all accounts under the employer and the balance in the account. 

Account Detail Tab  

Plan Information   

  • Group name – The name of the employer that administers the account.
  • Plan name – i.e. 403(b) (TSA Pension), 401(k), NQDA (Non-Qualified Deferred Account) etc.
  • Product name – Portfolio Director®, IRA, Set Rate Annuity, Mutual Fund, etc.

Contribution & withdrawal summary

  • Contributions since inception – All contributions that have been placed into the account are shown. If available, you can change your contributions by clicking on the “Change My Contribution” link. Depending on the type of account you have, you may be directed:
    • to a screen which will allow you to change your contributions online.
    • to a screen which will direct you to ePrint. There, you will find a link to your employer’s dedicated site which houses all forms for the group including the Salary Reduction Agreement which you can view and print. Or,
    • to your financial professional for a Salary Reduction Agreement, which you will need to submit to your payroll department. 
  • Year-to-date contributions.
  • Withdrawals – Total withdrawals to date that have occurred on the account since inception. 
  • Vesting information  – You will be provided an estimate based on the current cash value of the account, and based on the vesting percentage being 100%. Note: this amount is subject to change depending on the percentage you are vested. 

IncomeLOCK (if applicable)

  • Benefit base will be displayed - a guaranteed withdrawal amount.
  • Anniversary date – date that IncomeLOCK was placed on the account.
  • Benefit base since anniversary – would be adjusted to account for an increase in the account value or a decrease (if a withdrawal was taken).
  • Maximum annual withdrawal amount – maximum amount that can be withdrawn during the benefit period; e.g. 0-3 years maximum withdrawal 5%; 5-9 years maximum withdrawal 7%; 10+ years maximum withdrawal 10%.
  • Benefit effective date – date that IncomeLOCK was added to the account.

Death benefit

Account value and as of date  

  • Estimated guaranteed death benefit and as of date. 

    • Any account transactions (loans, withdrawals, distributions, etc.) pending at the time of death will affect the actual benefit to be paid.  Your age at the time of death.  Additionally, there may be changes in the law or the employer’s plan may make changes to the requirement; e.g. vesting requirements.
    • The final benefit may also be affected by the investment allocations and the performance (applies only if you are invested in variable funds).

For additional detailed information, read the terms and provisions of the contract or certificate as it relates to death or other benefits. 

My Funds Tab 

A table will be displayed which shows: 

  • Ticker symbol(mutual funds only) 
  • Fund name– Clicking the fund name will open a new browser window. You will either be provided a fund fact sheet (for annuity contracts only) or for a mutual fund account, you will be directed to the groups page which provides “Quick Links” where you can select “Funds”. This will direct you to a page where you can access the fund sheet, prospectus, annual report or semi-annual report.
  • Current price–By placing your cursor over the price and clicking the link, a new browser window will open with a line graph displaying the Share Price Detail and a table which shows daily prices for 1-, 3-, 6- or 12-month increments.
  • Quantity of shares– Indicates how many shares of the fund you have in the account.
  • Value in dollars– The dollar amount that is in the account.
  • Assets– The percentage of the account that is invested the fund.
  • Future allocation– Indicates the percentage of future contributions that has been selected to be deposited into the fund. 

Graphs Tab   

A pie chart displays each of the investments in the account and the percentages that each fund has in the account. 

A table showing the account name and the dollar amount in the account.  By clicking on the drop-down menu you can request:

  • Assets by investment vehicle
  • Assets by investment type
  • Quarter-end balances (if available)  

Personal Performance Tab

  • Personal performance is displayed in a table for:
  • Current period (recent quarter i.e. 1/1/00 to 3/31/00)
  • Year-to-date
  • Last 12 months (as of the last day of the previous month)

Two hyperlinks provide additional information: 

  • Personal Performance – By clicking on the hyperlink, a new browser window will open and the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) will display additional information.
  • Fund Performance – Clicking on the hyperlink will redirect you to theFund Performancepage where you can see fund performance for the past 3 months, 1, 3, 5 and 10 years and since the fund’s inception. 

Account History Tab 

This tab will show financial activity in your account during the past 365 days (for older data, call the Client Care Center at 1.800.448.2542). 

  • Duration
    • The drop-down menu allows you to see transactions in the past week (7 days), past month (30 days), past quarter (90 days), past year (365 days) or you can select a date range within the past year (i.e. 11/01/2011-12/15/2011) 
  • Transaction type
    • Premiums – Money deposited via payroll deductions (or, for personal accounts, by personal check). 
    • Capital transfer – Money from another financial institution that was transferred into your Corebridge Retirement Services account. Transfer – In most cases, this occurs within the retirement plan as defined by the employer that sponsors the plan.  Assets may stay in the plan if a distributable event has not been met.
    • Rollover - Moving funds to another qualified plan at another vendor (financial institution) outside of Corebridge. This occurs when a distributable event has been met. 
  • Product Exchange
    • A product exchange is used to upgrade from one Corebridge product to another Corebridge product.