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Account History, Quicken®, Direct Connect and MS Money

How do I navigate and view account transactions?

By selecting this tab you will be able to see financial activity in your account during the past 365 days (for older information, call the Client Care Center at 1.800.448.2542).

  • Duration
    - The drop-down menu allows you to select to see transactions for dates with the past week (7 days), past month (30 days), past quarter (90 days), past year (365 days) or you can select a date range within the past year (e.g. 11/01/2011-12/15/2011)
  • Transaction type
    You can select to display only specific type of transactions
    - Premiums – money that was placed into the account via payroll deductions (or for personal accounts, by personal check). 
    - Capital transfer – money that was located at another financial institution and was transferred into your Corebridge Retirement Services account. 
    - Transfer – in most cases this occurs within the retirement plan as defined by the employer that sponsors the plan.  Assets will not be distributed when a distributable event has not been met.
    - Rollover - moving funds to another qualified plan at another vendor (financial institution) outside of Corebridge. This occurs when a distributable event has been met. 
  • Download Transactions button – once the transactions are displayed, they can be downloaded into a Microsoft Office Excel Comma Separated format.  NOTE:  account transactions can be downloaded into Quicken by accessing the Quicken application and selecting the “add account” option.  You will need to select a financial institution (e.g. Corebridge) from the list. You will need to provide Quicken with your Corebridge user ID and password so the information can be imported to Quicken.  To get additional information on downloading into Quicken, click the provided hyperlink .

What is Quicken? 

Quicken is a personal finance management (PFM) tool developed by Intuit, Inc. which runs on Windows and Macintosh systems. Quicken software allows you to track loans, mortgages, investments, credit cards, savings and your day to day bank accounts. It can help you forecast how much money you may have in the future, or show you how much you have now. It will allow you to plan your spending with a budget and track where your money is going.

What version of Quicken supports the download service?

Any one of the three most recent versions of Quicken, since each April 30th of each year Quicken discontinues its support for any of its versions more than 2 years old.

What is Direct Connect? 

Direct Connect is a free service that Corebridge offers which allows you to download account information from your account to your personal financial management software in one step without accessing your Corebridge account.

How do I download my Corebridge account information to Quicken? 

Open your Quicken application and select the option to add an account. You will follow the prompts from Quicken. 

  • Quicken will request a financial institution be selected.   Locate and select Corebridge from the list of financial institutions. 
    Provide your Corebridge user ID and password when you are prompted. 
    Once the connection is completed each account will present a screen with questions that you will need to answer to continue.  All the accounts that were selected to be included in the download will be displayed.  A flag will be located next to each account.  Each account will need to be selected and the transactions reviewed.  Once the transactions have been updated they will be displayed (this will need to be done for each account that was downloaded). NOTE: Quicken only downloads 90 days of individual transaction detail; the totals will be downloaded.

Why doesn't my account balance in my PFM software match my account balance on Corebridge? 

Corebridge includes investment price information with its transaction download; however, some Personal Financial Management software applications override the investment price information provided by Corebridge with the investment price information they retrieve from other sources. Therefore, Corebridge can not guarantee the accuracy of investment price information downloaded through Personal Financial Management software.

What happens if I am unable to download my Corebridge account information? 

Contact the Client Care Center at 1-800-448-2542 and a Customer Care Professional will submit a request to determine if Corebridge can assist or if you need to contact Quicken customer service.

What is MSMoney/ 

MSMoney is a personal financial management tool which Microsoft discontinued supporting in January 2011. Corebridge account information can be downloaded using the “Download Transactions” button in the “Account History” which downloads the information into a Microsoft Office Excel Comma Separated Values File which can then be imported into your MSMoney program. is a personal financial management tool that is not supported by Corebridge. Corebridge account information can be downloaded using the “Download Transactions” button in the “Account History” which downloads the information into a Microsoft Office Excel Comma Separated Values File which can then be imported into your program.