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Guided Portfolio Services®

Let expert advice guide your investments.



Take the guesswork out of investing advisory services.

Guided Portfolio Services® (GPS) is an optional advisory program offered through your employer-sponsored retirement plan. 

Why GPS?

Simple enrollment

Guided experience makes it easy to assess your needs and set preferences.

Expert advice

Morningstar Management LLC provides third-party investment recommendations to fit your needs.

Portfolio Management

Your portfolio is evaluated and adjusted quarterly in response to market trends. This service is available for an additional fee.  

You decide how you want your money managed.

GPS offers two approaches to help you achieve your retirement goals. Both approaches deliver objective investment advice, including how much to save, which investment to choose, and how much to invest in each.

Do it for me

Portfolio Manager 

The fully managed account option that automatically implements the investment advice, provides ongoing portfolio monitoring and asset rebalancing and updates your advice and retirement income forecast annually. This option is available for an additional fee.

DIY with expert advice

Portfolio Advisor 

The option for those who want to monitor and manage their investment portfolios themselves, but still value some expert advice along the way. There is no charge for this service.

Take action for your future with the advice
you need, the way you want it.