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Electronic Consent and Disclosure

You may consent to receiving documents electronically instead of receiving a paper copy. This electronic consent applies to the following documents when available:

  • Regulatory disclosure reports and documents – product and fund prospectuses and supplements, statements of additional information, annual and semi-annual shareholder reports, proxies and information statements.
  • Account documents – annual and quarterly statements, including Guided Portfolio Services or Guided Portfolio Advantage statements, as applicable, periodic transaction confirmations.
  • Forms and Correspondence – administrative forms and servicing and other account/administrative updates.
  • Privacy notices and other similar notices

By agreeing to electronic delivery, you:

(i) consent to the use of electronic delivery of the above documents, which may include nonpublic personal and identifiable information;
(ii) acknowledge that you understand that you may change and customize your selections for e-delivery for the above documents online at;
(iii) acknowledge that you understand that certain documents and types of correspondence may continue to be delivered in paper by U.S. mail or other means for compliance reasons;
(iv) acknowledge that it is your responsibility to provide us with a valid e-mail address and maintain minimum system requirements (set out below) for the purposes of receiving the documents, and promptly notify us of any changes;
(v) acknowledge that it is your responsibility to maintain sole control of your username and password;
(vi) acknowledge that we will notify you of your documents availability by email.  In other words, you’ll need to check your email to know that you have documents.
(v) confirm that you are able to send and receive e-mail with hyperlinks to web sites and attached files;
(vi) agree/acknowledge that e-delivery will be cancelled if emails are returned undeliverable; and
(vii) acknowledge that you understand that we may discontinue electronic delivery of any of the above documents at any time. Your consent is voluntary.  You are entitled to receive any of the above documents on paper by mail if you determine not to consent to electronic delivery. You may withdraw your e-delivery consent at any time by changing your preferences online at Your consent will remain in effect until you withdraw it, or if your emails are returned undeliverable and not corrected within our required timeframe, or until we no longer offer this service.

For a free paper copy of any document relating to your account, please call 1.800.448.2542 or 1.800.248.2542 for the hearing impaired or contact your financial professional.

In order to electronically review the above documents, you will need an active email account, internet access, and certain minimum operating system requirements, which are:

  • A browser, with backwards compatibility for prior two versions
  • Adobe® Acrobat® Reader current version (for any PDF-formatted documents)