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How to enroll

Enrolling in the Ohio State University Retirement Plans!

A study by the Employee Benefit Research Institute* showed that those who are enrolled in a retirement plan feel more confident in their future, feel less stressed about retirement and are better prepared for their golden years.

Enrolling takes minutes – but the results could last a lifetime. Remember that together, we have the resources to help overcome challenges holding you back from the future you envision.

Take the next step toward your future. The sooner you enroll, the more time you have to prepare.

How to enroll?

Please follow the process described below to enroll in the ARP or 403(b) plans or make updates to your contributions:

  1. For eligible employees to enroll in the ARP, use the Retirement Program Election form.

    If you want to update your ARP provider election, enroll, or make a change to your deferral election or provider under the 403(b) plan, visit the OSU provider site and then select the appropriate plan to make a change.

    * Please note, that you will need your OSU username and password to login.

  2. Select Corebridge Retirement Services as your provider.
  3. Submit the completed form to Ohio State’s University Human Resources department. Establish an investment allocation and beneficiary for your new account with Corebridge. You may do so in one of three ways: 


(Note: You will need to set up your new account first for online access before selecting your investment allocation and beneficiary.)

By phone:

1.800.448.2542, or 


Schedule an individual consultation with a local financial professional.

Please reference the below enrollment codes when establishing a new Corebridge account:

ARP plan
Monthly pay: 17002112
Biweekly pay: 17002126

403(b) plan
Monthly pay: 17002212
Biweekly pay: 17002226

403(b) Roth only


RO 368403 (4/2024)