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Take advantage today

Newly hired eligible faculty and principal administrators have 60 days from their date of employment to enroll in the ORP. Failure to enroll in the ORP within 60 days of employment will result in automatic enrollment in the Teachers Retirement System (TRS).

Starting early has its advantages

Your contributions

Corebridge Retirement Services allows unrestricted variable option transfers to or from the other approved ORP companies at no charge. You may transfer up to 20% of the accumulated value of your fixed account each contract year.

How does the University System of Georgia contribute to the ORP?

The ORP also provides for each member institution of The University System of Georgia to make contributions. 

Employee and employer contribution percentages are set by the ORP. Currently, your employer contributes an amount equal to 9.24% of your compensation each payroll date when you make a pre-tax contribution of 6% of your compensation. 

Participant directed investments

You decide how to invest your ORP account, selecting from investment choices provided under the ORP, as determined by the University System of Georgia. You can change your investment choices anytime.


You are at all times fully vested in your ORP account.

Accessing your money before retirement


Money can be withdrawn from the Plan in these events: 

  • Your death.

  • Separation from service.

  • Deferring distributions until a later date (but no later than attainment of age 70½), allowing your account to continue to grow tax deferred.

Income taxes are payable upon withdrawal and federal restrictions and a 10% federal tax may apply to early withdrawals. Be sure to talk with your tax advisor before withdrawing any money from your Plan account.

Important considerations before deciding to move funds either into or out of a Corebridge Retirement Services account
There are many things to consider. For starters, you will want to carefully review and compare your existing account and the new account, including: fees and charges; guarantees and benefits; and, any limitations under either of the accounts. Also, you will want to know whether a surrender of your current account could result in charges. Your financial professional can help you review these and other important considerations. Consult a tax professional before making a decision to move funds either into or out of a Corebridge account.