Retirement plan enrollment made simple

Retirement plan enrollment made simple

Everyone needs to consider their retirement strategy. A great place to start is enrolling in your employer-sponsored retirement plan. If you’ve been putting off enrollment, or don’t know where to begin, the good news is you can get started however (or wherever) it’s most convenient for you. 

Enrolling and participating in your employer’s retirement plan can look intimidating, but it’s quite simple to start and manage over the long-term. The sooner you start, the sooner you can begin to make tax-deferred contributions to your retirement savings. 

The perks of plan enrollment

Employer-sponsored retirement plans offer several advantages versus going it alone.

You can reduce your taxable income, take as little (or as big) a role in creating your plan portfolio as you like and help set yourself up for a comfortable retirement. Some employers may even match your contributions with their own money.

Employee contributions are not taxed when deducted straight from your wages.1 This also helps reduce your current income tax owed since your take-home pay is lowered by however much you contribute to your plan. Most employers offer plans that come with different asset mixes: some are more aggressive than others and may be suitable depending on your risk tolerance, investing time horizon and other individual considerations.

Best of all, you may even get employer contributions depending on how much you contribute. Many employers are willing to match up to a certain percentage of the salary you put in your plan, which means you can essentially increase what’s contributed to your retirement account.

Getting started is easy

Money matters don’t always feel straightforward. Getting started with your retirement plan is easier than you think, however. At Corebridge Financial, we make it easy to enroll whether you're on the go or in the comforts of home. All you need to get started is your employer-provided access code to enroll or register for an online account if you've already enrolled. Once you've provided some essential details about yourself, you're on your way to investing in your future with a trustworthy and experienced partner.

Our mobile app makes it easy to keep an eye on your progress, too. Available for Apple and Google devices, the app provides you with a detailed history of your transactions, and a unified workspace to view your assets (including employer-sponsored accounts, personal retirement accounts and investments) in one place.

You can also make updates to your contributions, go paperless, or reach out to our team of experts right from the app.

Guidance through every financial stage

Saving for retirement isn’t something you should put off—even if you’re just starting your career. In fact, the sooner you enroll and fund your account, the more you may benefit from time and compounding interest on the money you set aside for retirement. Other life stages provide different, compelling reasons to focus on retirement planning as well.  

Employer-sponsored retirement plans help you plan for the long-term without needing to take a direct and frequent role in the process. Depending on the plan’s terms, you may even be able to stay in your employer’s plan after you leave the company or you can opt to roll over your vested balance into an IRA of your choice.

Enroll now and invest in your future goals

Enrollment is easier than you might think. When your employer offers a Corebridge retirement plan, you’ll be up and running in no time—saving for retirement and taking comfort in watching your retirement nest egg grow.

The Retirement Pathfinder® tool gives you personalized recommendations on how to invest for the future. You can craft your own retirement savings journey from wherever you are, straight from your account. This helps you make sure you’re on the right path toward retirement, helps you adjust your savings strategy and helps you visualize how financial decisions could influence your portfolio’s growth over time.

To learn more about your employer’s Corebridge plan, contact your human resources department. If you’re an employer and looking to start setting up your company’s own plan, you can always reach out to us to learn more. 

1. Taxes will be owed upon withdrawal. Withdrawals may be subject to withdrawal charges and federal and/or state income taxes. A 10% federal early withdrawal tax penalty may apply if taken before age 59-1/2.