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Partnering together to do the most good


The Salvation Army Southern Territory, a mainstay of charitable good works, sought a retirement plan provider that would administer its multi-layered program while working closely with the Army to fulfill its vision of the best program possible. Corebridge Retirement Services (formerly AIG Retirement Services) was selected and an eight-month transition began, which included onsite meetings and weekly implementation calls.

Challenges & Implementation:

The sheer size of the endeavor was daunting, as the Salvation Army Southern Territory stretches from Texas to Florida.

Intensive communications were key to a successful transition and ongoing retirement plan administration. Hallmarks of the communication strategy included:

  • Programs highlighting videos featuring Salvation Army Southern Territory executives
  • Workshop-style, in-person meetings with the plan sponsor
  • Quick access to all employee transition materials through the creation of a custom website
  • Ongoing communication materials that promoted retirement readiness and financial literacy
  • Emails with embedded videos, handouts about plan highlights

Impact: Working closely with The Salvation Army Southern Territory, we energized employees to re-engage with their retirement plan. More than 50% of the Salvation Army plan participants attended plan transition meetings during the implementation phase.

“AIG Retirement Services assembled an experienced team to focus solely on communicating a major retirement plan change to employees in multiple locations. They covered what needed to be delivered for compliance purposes, as well as what had to be mentioned for understandability. The team developed a communication plan designed to touch our employees 13 times over a 12-week period, including emails, webinars, video, direct mail, 800 phone lines, and more.”


— Robert L. Albright, LLM Pension & Retirement Operations Manager, The Salvation Army

As with all our plan sponsors, we continuously work to find solutions that drive results. So, let’s talk about what Corebridge can do for your organization!

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