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Saving and Paying for College

Step-By-Step Guidance for Public Service Loan Forgiveness.

Student Debt Solutions

With an understanding of the student loan crisis and a passion for building brighter financial futures, Corebridge Retirement Services has engaged Savi – a social impact technology firm – to help non-profit and public service workers take control of their student loans.

The goal is to improve and simplify the experience for non-profit and public service workers by providing an end-to-end digital process that helps:

  • Determine qualification for student loan forgiveness
  • Identify potential savings
  • Navigate through enrollment
  • Maintain eligibility
  • Provide a clear path to applying for full forgiveness

If you are eligible and interested, for $60 a year you can use Savi’s service to navigate the process for applying for public service loan forgiveness.  You can also access their analysis of government rules concerning student loan debt, including new provisions in the CARES Act.

Learn more about Student Debt Solutions to help you or a loved one take control of student loan debt.

Sign in to your account and select "Student Debt Solutions" from the "Learn" menu.

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